• Feedback From The Library Activity

    These are some of the comments I received from students in the library – “Love the eco look – need space for individual seating but warm and inviting.” “love the bright accents of colour!” “I feel relaxed in this space because the colour in this room are harmonious and I  like the arrangement.” “I think […]

  • Tom Dixon interview on Sustainable Design

    A really interesting interview with Tom Dixon.

  • Moblib Ideas / Designs


  • Site Survey

    We had to measure the space and record the measurements to we could draw an accurate plan view of the space.

  • Looking at the space

    The space is already heavily used by students and teachers as a quiet space to study and learn; it is busiest between 1pm and 4pm. This is a well known area within the library and is the only place to have group discussions and to use your own laptop to study instead of using the […]

  • Research into Mobile sustainable spaces

    This design is made entirely out of books, you can even walk inside or sit down. This was made for a Library project and the use of books is clever and imaginative. This is another imaginative design where you can walk inside a circle of books; I can imagine this being a bit dangerous or […]

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