These are some of the comments I received from students in the library –

“Love the eco look – need space for individual seating but warm and inviting.”

“love the bright accents of colour!”

“I feel relaxed in this space because the colour in this room are harmonious and I ┬álike the arrangement.”

“I think the designer would improve the practical applicability”

“maybe put more shelving in the molibs, easy to move around and designs need individual seats.”

“I prefer the first design.”

“Too much about wood, all the spaces in the designs look empty.”


I found the feedback session  hard because they are judging your designs and something you might like allot some people wont and it can be hard to hear. Having said that it was interesting to get other peoples opinions on my design and how I can improve them, I need to think more about seating and how people are actually going to use the room and not just the way it looks.